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Alex Martinsen

Less Interference. More Life.


In addition to over 10 years of self-development study, Alex spent two years being taught and trained by master coach Mark Fournier. The frameworks he applies in his work with clients are built on universal principles, and shared from the perspective of one with devout faith in God.

Alex believes that everyone was born with the potential to change the world.. And that the primary reason we struggle to catch even a glimpse of our incredible potential, is that we are drenched in various forms of interference. This interference includes things such as: financial stress, a struggling business, relationship tension, addiction, poor health, addiction, weak spirituality, lack of career direction, and flatlined personal growth.

Through leveraging the proven structure of and content of Life Performance coaching programs, a faster route to clarity and improved performance can be found!

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What others are saying about Life Performance

Working with Alex has been a life changing experience. He has helped me to reach new heights in my work, and in my marriage. He has helped me break down false beliefs that were holding back my happiness. He is extremely personable and has the ability to connect with his clients quickly and to begin work with them at whatever stage they’re in at the time. He has been an encouraging and insightful guide through several of my life experiences, and he continues to assist me in the pursuit of my goals and dreams. I have referred several friends to Alex!

Naaman Trotter

I cannot say enough about my experience with Alex. I attribute a large shift in my mindset to his coaching and our discussions. It really has changed my life for the better and I draw upon our lessons daily in both my professional and personal life. If you’re looking to take your life to the next level, Alex is your guy!

Brian Anderson

Working with Alex has been nothing short of miraculous. The principles Alex teaches and the way in which they are delivered have changed my life. I can honestly say I am the happiest I have ever been. Alex has a unique ability to teach with true power. He is a remarkable listener and has helped me make improvements in every aspect of my life. Best thing I ever did was hire a coach and Alex is the best in the business!

Ryan Lee

I have spent countless hours with Alex and have watched him lead and inspire people in a variety of settings. He was our top performer his first year working at our company all while leading a successful team. I believe his unique ability to lead and consistently be among the top performers in any field he has participated in is due to his understanding and application of principles and truths that create powerful results in any aspect of life. In addition he is one of the best teachers, communicators, and motivators and I have full confidence in his ability to help others learn and grown in all areas of life.

Doug Cardon

Alex Martinsen is without question among the most empowered and enlightened individuals I have ever coached or worked with. His grasp of human behavior and personal success is nothing short of astonishing. And naturally, as a millennial his insights into the millennial mind and issues are absolutely spot on.

Mark Fournier

For over 20 years I’ve produced live events where I’ve hired and learned from the best personal development coaches in the world. Alex Martinsen is one of the best I’ve known and is primed to be the next thought-leader for millennials. In just a few minutes speaking with Alex you will start thinking of things you’ve never thought of and you’ll immediately want to be a better person. His energy is contagious and his value-based guidance is refreshing. I love my visits with Alex and always leave inspired to take my life to the next level.

Shawn McLelland

I love working with Alex and he brings value as both consultant and coach. As we’ve built our company, Alex has helped us to identify our unique strategy and stay laser focused on it. Bringing a decade of experience in high performance direct sales, his feedback and ideas are both very relevant and very useful. Additionally, Alex is a dedicated student of life who has the unique ability to deliver potent concepts, questions, and challenges that have increased my capacities as a leader, manager, father, and entrepreneur.

Peter Swenson

What Alex taught me through Life Performance was nothing short of exactly what I needed to get my life pointed in the direction I’ve always wanted it to be. His simple but effective concepts helped me get out of my head and focus on things that truly matter. He taught me how to recognize my ego and the role it plays in my life. Which in turn has completely changed the trajectory of what I thought was possible for my own life.

Madison Russell

Being able to be coached by Alex has been life altering. There is no other coach who teaches and blends Gospel principles and high performance principles together better than Alex. He brings 100% of himself every minute you’re working with him and over delivers time and time again. I am the happiest I have ever been and feel more at peace than I have ever felt, due to his coaching and the principles he has taught me

Blake Erickson

Even if you feel like you’re at the top of your game or of your industry, I would highly recommend investing in coaching with Alex. Both the money and time I invested were the best investments I made last year. Though the business insights were invaluable and netted us well over six figures, I am forever changed with the insights made to the human condition and overcoming my personal limiting beliefs. I can honestly say I’ve never lived more authentically or in a more impactful way than I do now.

Dustin Christensen

I can honestly say my life has changed incredibly over this last year and that I have ‘leveled up’. Among other things, I can say I have learned how to be more confident, creative, and innovative in my work, as well as in my efforts to contribute to others and bring light into their lives.”

Rob Frank

Alex Martinsen is truly a game changer. He knows how to help you change because he knows and plays the game so extraordinarily well. This past year working with him has been life changing. Having a coach who undeniably gives 100% to every interaction is an amazing asset to have in your corner. I truly can say I am the happiest I have ever been and it is thanks to the structure Alex provides and the ideas discussed in our coaching calls. I am a better man knowing and having worked with Alex Martinsen. 

Derek Hatch